Indespension Suspension Units with a 750kg capacity (Rated Per Pair) fitted with our hub BLT350       . 

These Indespension suspension units are fitted with 4 lengths of rubber cord which act in a rolling motion as well as in compression.
Ideal for Upgrades and Repairs

The forged drop arm suspension is far superior to the normal fabricated box section drop arm.

These units are suitable for an offset wheel and you can also use second hand mini wheels. Extended stub pin 4 stud 4" PCD hubs, wheel studs 3/8" UNF.

The mounting brackets are industry standard 7" x 4" mounting plate with six 10mm mounting holes meaning that they are ideal for upgrading or repairing your existing trailer.

Pitch between the plate holes length ways are 75mm and across 80mm.

Ready for Use

They come pre assembled and the hubs and bearings are packed with grease meaning they are ready to use as soon as your receive them.

750Kg Suspension Units (Extended Pins)

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